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Carmen is a certified Energetic Healer and a graduate of Georgia Massage School. Her synergetic approach to balance and restore one’s life force, or healing energy, encompasses the acknowledgement and education of energy centers that keep the body’s cells healthy, functioning, and alive. Energy can be identified as power derived from physical resources to provide positive or negative frequencies. The molecules located within our bodies are constantly vibrating; these vibrations may radiate frequencies that can be positive or negative just as much as balanced or unbalanced. Misaligned frequencies can materialize into physical ailments, like pains, sickness, and mental distress.


Carmen’s passion for energetic healing stems from interpersonal development and an extensive history of learning to balance her own frequencies to promote self-healing. Becoming a licensed massage therapist not only bridged the gap between the metaphysical and physical aspects of the human composition but has also allowed her to adopt a tangible method of healing pain.

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Ron Jones is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Healer and Sound Therapist. As a Sound Therapist and Reiki Healer, he couples his intuition and energy with the clients to facilitate a journey through their essence and vibrational centers. The primary goal of balancing energy and emotions is to create the best version of oneself. His Life Coaching services include: General Life Coaching, Wellness, Manifestation, Accountability and Relationships. 

In addition, he holds an M.S. in Exercise Science with emphasis in Strength & Conditioning, as well as Cardiovascular Rehabilitation. He has a client roster that includes people with varying disabilities, professional athletes and everyone in between. 

His approach to all involves utilizing his 25-years of experience to create a loving and empathetic environment with emphasis on self-mastery, energy balance, goal setting and achievement. 

About us

 The vision of The Ethereal Realm is to “Reconnect Humanity to Spirituality”. What you feel deeply or speak with conviction is impressed upon your subconscious and manifests in detail. Your subconscious is your soul and must be restored. The mission of The Ethereal Realm is to impress your Subconscious with the perfect ideas of your Superconscious Mind instead of the doubt and fears of the Conscious Mind. We do this via 1:1 Manifestation Coaching, Meditative Crystal Wrap Sessions, Walk & Restore Treks, as well as our 3day, 3night Moon Valley Retreats.

The Ethereal Realm excludes the stress and overwhelming aspects of our daily lives. It is a place of substance, of tranquility; it is a place where abundant and peaceful manifestation takes precedence over the, sometimes unknown, causes of abrupt unbalancing of oneself.

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